This is Alchemy Corporation

Alchemy Corporation started as a corporate management and training consultancy in 2007.

Alchemy was founded with the aim to help people excel in both personal and corporate lives...our intent and desire very much intact over the years.

That's why the name Alchemy which is the chemical process to change base metals into gold. In essence to develop someone to grow and achieve excellence. Hence our corporate slogan Catalyst of Growth, Transforming People.

Alchemy's founder is our current executive, Director and Legal Counsel A Wahid M Dawood.

He is an entrepreneur, English Lawyer and educator, a rare profile among corporate leaders.

Over the years we have enhanced our competency and expertise. We now provides specific Legal service to complement our Corporate, Employment and Recruitment and Property consulting portfolios.

Alchemy is modelled after the UK Alternative Business Structure firm which provide specific legal service with related corporate professional services.

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