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We aspires to be the professional consulting firm of choice for the corporate and private client.

Our forte are ~

  • Corporate Legal Consulting

  • Will, Estate Planning and Administration

  • Employment and Recruitment 

  • Real Estate Transactions


Alchemy Corporation is modelled after the UK Alternative Business Structure firm which provides specific legal service with professional corporate services. 

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People don't care how much we know until they know how much we care 

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Popular Topics

Corporate Legal 

Incorporation of Foreign Business in Indonesia :

With the Singapore government pushing for endemic  


status and lifting travel restrictions by end of 2021 is it


timely to start expanding into Indonesia ?

Estate Planning and Administration 

The bequest of the following Assets : 

1.Property   2.Central Provident Fund   3. Insurance   4. Shares


 What are the legal provisions in Shariah Law and English


 Law that one need to harmonise ? 

Foreign Employees 

Foreign manpower at this stage of the Pandemic

The recent unfortunate and unforeseen sudden surge of


Covid-19 infections and return to Phase 2 Heightened


Alert expect further delay in Entry Approvals 

Real Estate  

Freehold Landed property in Singapore now :


Investment opportunity or bane 


Can you buy it for less than $2 Million ?

Where are they located......

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